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  • Welcome to Student Worker 101 Training Course!

    This course will take approximately 1.5-2 hours to complete.

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    Congratulations on your new student worker position at Manhattan College!

    Supervisors care about their student employees. Student workers play an important role supporting Manhattan College all over campus.

    Supervisors want their student employees to be successful and learn basic workplace skills in an office environment. The challenge that supervisors face is that their schedule does not allow much time for training. This Moodle course is set up in learning modules that will allow for students to complete specific online learning modules that are pertinent to their position - the same as a class assignment.

    The steps:

    1. Students and supervisors review the learning modules and decide which ones the student will complete as part of their student-staff professional development. They may select all of them or just those that are most relevant to the job.
    2. Due dates and deadlines are established by both the supervisor and the student.
    3. Students complete the learning modules per the deadline schedule and turn them in to their supervisor, just as they currently do for their academic classes.
    4. Once students complete the online training they are awarded a Credly digital badge, "Student Worker 101" in recognition of their achievement.
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    Upon completion of this training you will receive a Credly Digital Badge.  A digital badge is a way to communicate and track achievement, they make your credentials portable and your skills more visible. You can put the Digital Badge on your resume or link the achievement to your LinkedIn account. These badges or digital certificates are issued by Manhattan College and they do not expire.

    Please review this Digital Badge Information article for more details on making the most out of the digital badges you earn at Manhattan College.

  • Course Objective

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      Student Employment and Learning Objectives

  • Learning Objective

    Student employees will gain an understanding of Manhattan College's policies, including culture, values and expectations.

  • Timesheets and Confidentiality & Data Privacy

    Student Financial Services onboards new student workers. Students are responsible for initiating and completing all eligibility. Refer to this Student Employee Onboarding Tutorial for support in completing this task.

    Students are responsible for entering their time worked on the electronic timesheet on Self Service. Supervisors are responsible for authorizing the online hire referrals and for approving their employee's electronic timesheet. They are also responsible for making sure that the student does not work during their scheduled class hours.

    Recording and Maintaining Timesheets

    Students and supervisors are required to maintain an electronic timesheet to be submitted via Self Service. Both parties should keep careful track of time, noting that by law, student workers are only paid for time worked.
    Time should be recorded each work day and placed on the timesheet under the supervisor’s verification. Time should be totaled for each day and partial hours may be allowed in intervals of 15 minutes. Reported partial hours should therefore read to the nearest quarter hour (e.g. 3.25 hours is three hours and 15 minutes, 4.50 is four hours and 30 minutes, etc.).

    Break Periods 

    • Student employees who work a shift of at least 4 consecutive hours are permitted one, 15-minute paid rest period during that shift. Rest periods are not to be taken at the start or end of a shift and rest periods are not cumulative.
    • Student employees who work a shift of at least 6 consecutive hours are permitted one 30-minute unpaid meal period and one 15-minute paid rest period during that shift.
    • Student employees who are working a full shift of 8 consecutive hours (never to exceed this) are permitted no less than two 15-minute paid rest periods and one 30-minute unpaid meal period during that shift.

    Review this article:   Entering Student Employment Time Sheet using Self Service for more details. 

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      Please review the Student Employment Contract & Confidentiality Agreement and use it as a reference as you perform your duties at Manhattan College. Data privacy and Confidentiality are extremely important factors in the successful workflow on campus and being respectful and knowledgeable about confidentiality and data privacy issues protects everyone at Manhattan College.
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  • Communication Skills

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  • Professional Etiquette

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    Some campus jobs require uniforms appropriate for the position such as a t-shirt with the department logo or business casual attire. If that is not the case where you work, please be aware that Manhattan College does expect all workers to wear appropriate attire in all campus job environments. Be particularly aware of appropriate attire for office settings, especially if your position is public facing.

  • Technology Resource Links

    Links to sites which provide support including self paced tutorials on how to use the most common apps and software found on campus.

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      The Google Collaboration Challenge includes tips and tricks ranging from basic to advanced topics such as email, Google Apps, ways to communicate to large audiences, better ways to manage time and activities via online calendars, and many more. Participants will have the opportunity to complete each phase of the challenge at their own pace - all at once, or as topics are released. Track your progress by completing a short questionnaire at the end of each challenge and earn the Collaboration Challenge digital badge at the end of the program

  • Ethical Awareness

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    Learn about our Lasallian Catholic Heritage - We are a Lasallian Catholic college offering a transformative education that touches your mind and heart. We strive to promote faith, respect, education, community and social justice and keep those values as we serve the college community.

  • Course Evaluation Form

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      Thanks for taking time to complete the Student Worker 101 Course. You have been invited to fill out a survey based on your experience with the course. Your feedback is really appreciated as it will help to improve this training for other student workers on campus.