Ops Mid Day and End of Day Report

Ops must follow this template when writing either a Mid Day or End of Day Report. For the Mid Day report, you must include what has to be worked on in the next shift. For the End of Day report, include what has to be worked on the next day. Remember to correctly update the template. You will copy this template into an email and send it to Ops Stars and appropriate supervisors.


Hey everyone, 

Due to the organizational advantage that it provides for STARS working the next day, here are the tickets that were worked on today, as well as tickets and the general agenda for next shift.

Projector Investigation Tasks for Proactive Maintenance ID: 4280076 (IN PROCESS)

Faceplates for Tech V1 Room ID: 4786259 (ON HOLD)

To do next shift: 

Install Chromebox for Meeting & New A/V Chancellor's Room (Project)

Review Spare Apple TVs ID: 477281 (In process)

Extra Batteries ID: 4772705 (In Process)

Meeting with Anita David & I for today at 2 pm 

Last modified: Wednesday, 5 February 2020, 12:29 PM